The home of the Protogenoi family, Celestia is a paradise unlike any before it. Ruled by The Three, its inhabitants have long lived in peaceful bliss... until now.



Interdimensional beings of unimaginable power, we dwarfed even the gods with our absolute authority. Our existence is beyond the comprehension of mortals.

We are the embodiment of the very universe you exist in. Every cell, every atom, every moment is us, and we are it.


Master of the Void

Chaos, one of The Three, is the head of the Protegenoi and ruler of Celestia. Before anything, there was Chaos. He was, is and always will be.


Mistress of the Earth

Gaia, wife to Chaos and mother to Erebus, Aether and Phanes. She is caring and inexplicably cruel; tranquil and savage; charming is repulsive. Gaia is nature and nature is Gaia.


Master of Darkness

Erebus, first-born son of Chaos and Gaia, and twin to Aether, is the manifestation of darkness itself. Erebus shoulders the burdens of his family and of his domain. He is wholeheartedly focused on the dominance of the Protegenoi family.


Mistress of Light

Aether, daughter of Chaos and Gaia, and twin to Erebus is the personification of light. Aether is a beacon for those around her. She is fiercely dedicated to her family and wants the light of the Protegenoi to shine forever.


Master of Procreation

Phanes, second son of Chaos and Gaia, is the deity of procreation. He is powerful and yet vulnerable; wise and yet strives to listen and learn more; caring with the ability to pass through the fires of hell to ensure that justice prevails. He is all that a Primordial should be.


Master of the Sky

Ouranos, one of The Three, is the ruler of the North and husband to Eros. Ouranos has dominion of the sky and his power is second to none. He rules the North with absolute authority.


Mistress of Love

Eros, unwavering in her dedication to her family, she is the embodiment of love and ruler of the hearts of Celestia. Love is blind. Love is powerful. Love is eternal.


Master of the Sea

Pontus, only son of Ouranos and Eros, is the ruler of the seas. Inheriting the best characteristics from both parents, Pontus is strong, wise, loving and ambitious. Will his ambition get the best of him? Only time will tell.


Master of the Underworld

Tartarus, one of The Three, and the ruler of the underworld. Wisest of The Three, Tartarus never involves himself in his brothers' confrontations. He lives a simple life in the mainland with his wife, Moros.


Mistress of Doom

Moros, wife of Tartarus, is the personification of doom. Wise, like her husband, she doesn’t just look; she truly sees. She is cunning too, though smart enough to hide it.


Master of Time

Chronos, the oldest of the Protogenoi, and the keeper of time. Separating himself from The Three, Chronos left mainland Celestia for the islands to the West. He lives there peacefully with Moirai, where they observe the passage of time.


Mistress of Fate

Moirai, a witness to everything that has been, is currently happening, and ever will be. She is the embodiment of fate and the master of destiny. Residing with Chronos in the islands to the west of the mainland, Moirai observes all but never intervenes.



This tale is not for the faint of heart and the truth shall only be revealed to those worthy of it. Take heed, wisdom is not given, but earnt.

Do you have what it takes to uncover the truth?