Celestia Flourishes

The secrets of the Protogenoi family are not freely given. They must be earnt. Do you have what it takes to pass the Turing test?

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As time passed and the Protogenoi continued to build, Celestia slowly became a paradise unrivalled across all space and time. In the South, Chaos and Gaia turned the void into a wonderland of nature. Forests, waterfalls and mountain ranges a plenty, the beauty of the South was beyond compare.

The hierarchy of The Three, which has always been a quiet source of contention, was cemented when the Palace of Celestia, home to Chaos and Gaia, was completed. The craftsmanship and beauty were in a class of their own. Tartarus, never one for comparison, celebrated his brother's glory. Ouranos on the other hand, resented the majesty of the Palace and the light it shone on Chaos.

The wives, Gaia and Eros longed for the family life they’d witnessed the mortals living. They saw the joy children brought their parents and they wanted to bask in that maternal warmth. Chaos, still reeling off the adoration the Palace of Celestia brought him, agrees that children would be a good idea. After all, why wouldn’t he want a son to raise in his glorious image?

Chaos and Gaia gave birth to twins, Erebus and Aether. Erebus, the deity of darkness, is powerful like his father. Aether, the deity of light, is kind and beautiful, like her mother. The twins are inseparable and together they create day and night in Celestia. Later, they also give birth to Phanes, the lord of procreation and life, who embodies all that a Primordial should be. He is powerful and yet vulnerable; wise and yet strives to listen and to learn more; caring but possessing the ability to pass through the fires of hell to ensure that justice prevails.

Ouranos, filled with jealousy, agrees with Eros to have a child. Dragging Eros to the bedroom he booms, “If Chaos can raise a family, why can’t I? I will raise a son the likes of which has never been seen before. His power will know no limits. He will not have to suffer the same fate I have of living in the shadow of another!” The fierce love making results in a son, Pontus. Pontus is the lord of the seas and like his father, he resents the pecking order and wishes to rule. 

As time passes, the next generation of the Protogenoi: Erebus, Aether, Pontus and Phanes grow into beings of extraordinary power. There is peace in Celestia… for the moment.