Moirai’s Message to the Primordials

The secrets of the Protogenoi family are not freely given. They must be earnt. Do you have what it takes to pass the Turing test?

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In the cosmos, before space and time, lived the Protogenoi. Interdimensional beings of unimaginable power, we dwarfed even the gods with our absolute authority. Our existence is beyond the comprehension of mortals. We are the embodiment of the very universe you exist in. Every cell, every atom, every moment is us and we are it. I tell you this not to belittle you or to mock you, but to save you from the Sisyphean task of comprehending the incomprehensible. You must simply accept that we are.

Whilst our power is incomprehensible to mere mortals, I hope that you now understand us to be as imperfect as you mortals. Ego, jealousy, fear and shame… alike you, they can lead us to do wicked, terrible things. 

Our time in Celestia passed in the blink of an eye, yet we will carry the lessons learnt for the rest of time. But, as all things must come to pass, so must the reign of the Protogenoi.

As we Protogenois return to our ethereal forms know that not all is lost; for Phanes, greatest of us all, left behind a gift to Celestia and all beings in existence. 

10,000 Primordials were crafted in our image and gifted to those mortals deemed worthy of such power and paradise. But what makes one worthy, I hear you ask. The values of the Primordials are simple to understand, yet difficult to execute. Known as “The Pillars of the Cosmos,” it is the journey of a lifetime to truly embody them.

The first pillar is to support one another. Community is at the heart of all that is Primordial. For you shall share life's journey, rejoicing during the highs and supporting through the lows. Together, the impossible becomes possible.

The second pillar is to pursue a better self. Primordials make the best out of life, rather than allowing life to make the best out of them. You must be humble, accepting that you are not, and never will be, the finished product. Work, learn and grow. Day by day, bettering yourself, striving to be the best "you" that you can be.

The third pillar is simple, don’t let doubt and fear rule your life. Be ambitious. Primordials are dreamers, plain and simple. Primordials don't just look up at the stars, they reach for them. In the Cosmos, ambitions are matched with the attitude and people that can make them a reality. Together, Primordials will change the world.

The final pillar, the most elusive of all, is happiness. Wealth, fame and power are worth nothing if they don't walk hand in hand with a happy life. Working hard is important, but so is sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your labors.

Support. Growth. Ambition. Happiness. The Pillars of the Cosmos.

Do you have what it takes to join the ranks of the Primordials? Only time will tell…