The Battle for the Future of Celestia

The secrets of the Protogenoi family are not freely given. They must be earnt. Do you have what it takes to pass the Turing test?

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Anyone observing the happenings at the palace would have no idea of the turmoil the universe finds itself in. It was business as normal for Erebus and Aether as their world slowly crumbled around them. Before them lay a banquet as fine as any that had ever been. The best food from across the Cosmos had been collected and brought to Celestia for this feast. The wine had been aged for a millenia and was so flavorsome that its taste was indescribable.

At the table sits Erebus, Aether, Gaia and Eros. There is no conversation. The only sound that can be heard is Erebus, tearing into his food without a thought for decency or decorum. He let a loud belch out as he threw aside the bone he’d been gnawing on. The belch was still echoing through the cavernous hall as Erebus demanded, “more food! I want more!”

“Brother, I think you’ve had quite enough. Why… you’re starting to get fat,” said Phanes, entering the hall with Pontus by his side.

“Pontus, what do you think you’re doing with my pathetic excuse of a brother?” asked Erebus as he sneered at Phanes.

“I’ve grown tired of your rule, Erebus,” replied Pontus, “you’ve pushed me too far this time. You forced me to turn to him.”

“I always knew you were an idiot Pontus, but I thought you had more sense than to try to take ME down. Particularly with only little Phanes to back you up. If it wasn’t so sad it actually might be quite funny,” said Erebus, turning to Aether who giggled adoringly back at him.

“Enough of this Erebus,” said Phanes, interrupting the laughter. “We don’t have to fight. All you need to do is release The Three and we can stop a cataclysmic event from taking place!”

Release The Three? Why on Celestia would I do that?” scoffed Erebus. “No. I’ve found ruling to be quite to my liking. Now, I have another course coming soon and I’d hate for the food to cool before I get the chance to eat it so I’ll make this quick. Go back to whatever hole you’ve been hiding in and never come back here again. You too, Pontus. You’re done here.”

“Very well brother,” said Phanes, assuming a fighting stance. “If you can’t be reasoned with, we’ll have to take the throne from you.”

“Ohh really?” sneered Erebus, the smirk on his face left, leaving nothing behind but a cold, deadly stare. “If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get.”

Erebus shot up from behind and lunged towards Phanes and Pontus. As he nears them, preparing his attack, Aether sends out a blinding flash of light, rendering Phanes and Pontus temporarily without sight.

Erebus arrives at his target and tackles Phanes, sending him flying backwards. Pontus, responding quickly to Aether’s attack, wraps himself in an orb of water, refracting the light. With his vision no longer impaired, he fixes his sights on Aether and rushes at her.

Just before Pontus collides with Aether he darts to the side, whipping her with a tentacle of water from his sphere. She gasps in shock before letting out a cry from the pain.

Erebus hears his sisters scream and temporarily loses his focus on his fight with Phanes. He turns to check on Aether. It’s exactly the opening Phanes needed.

Phanes had been on the back foot since the fight started, but he capitalized on this opportunity and threw Erebus off of him. Kicking his body off the floor, Phanes used his momentum to spin around, landing himself on top of Erebus.

“Get off of me you pathetic excuse for a Protogenoi,” cried Erebus, straining against Phanes.

Aether hears her brother and instinctively begins to rush to his aid. Pontus, who was already dominating the fight, leaps at her and wraps himself around her.

Aether starts to scream but no sound leaves her body as her eyes widen in panic. “Sit tight now, this won’t take long,” jeered Pontus as he used his powers to drain the water from her body. They collapse to the floor in a heap as Aether reaches out towards Erebus, her eyes pleading for help.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” roars Erebus as he sees his sister's life being drained from her. Once again, seizing the opportunity, Phanes maneuvers himself around Erebus and catches him in an unbreakable choke hold. Slowly, Erebus’ cry gets quieter and quieter until he is silent.

Erebus’ arms fall to his side as his body slumps into unconsciousness. He has been defeated.