The Birth of Celestia

The secrets of the Protogenoi family are not freely given. They must be earnt. Do you have what it takes to pass the Turing test?

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In the cosmos, before space and time, lived the Protogenoi. Interdimensional beings of unimaginable power, we dwarfed even the gods with our absolute authority. Our existence is beyond the comprehension of mortals. We are the embodiment of the very universe you exist in. Every cell, every atom, every moment is us and we are it. I tell you this not to belittle you or to mock you, but to save you from the sisyphean task of comprehending the incomprehensible. You must simply accept that we are.

As universes have come and gone, we Protogenoi have guided all existence and induced the spark of life into all civilisations. The most powerful of us Protegenoi are the brothers Chaos, Ouranos and Tartarus. They are known simply as The Three.

Chaos, lord of the void, wished for respite from his duties. He looked upon the mortals they had shaped into being and felt jealousy. The ease of their existence filled him with envy and when Chaos wants, he gets. Out of the endless void, in a dimension beyond the understanding of mortals, Chaos created Celestia.

Chaos was joined on Celestia by his brothers, Ouranos and Tartarus. Tartarus, the embodiment of the underworld, filled Celestia’s core with enough energy to last an eternity. As long as Tartarus lives, Celestia will flourish. Ouranos, who had dominion over the sky, wrapped the land, allowing the Protogenoi to inhabit the land with their physical forms.

The brothers all lived on the mainland, where they divided it into the North, the South and the middle. As the creator of Celestia, Chaos was allowed first choice of where he would live. Chaos chose to live in the South, where he began the construction of the Palace of Celestia. The Palace was going to be the crowning jewel of Celestia where all could marvel at Chaos’ greatness. Ouranos wanted to be furthest from Chaos and his palace; he couldn’t stand the reminder of his standings in the hierarchy within the family. In the North, Ouranos began his dominion, creating monuments of his own to display his greatness. Tartarus, not caring for the squabbles of his brothers, happily took the middle of the mainland.

As time passed, the brothers were joined by other members of the Protogenoi. First to join was Gaia who ruled over all of nature, who moved to the South to be with her husband, Chaos. Second to join was Eros, the deity of love and passion. She joined Ouranos in the North where they married. Next came Moros, the embodiment of Doom, who resided with Tartarus. Finally, Chronos, lord of time, and I, Moirai, the all seeing deity of fate, joined their kin in Celestia. Not wanting to involve ourselves in the politics of the mainland, Chronos and I inhabit the islands to the West of the mainland.

Celestia was a paradise and the Protogenoi who inhabited it were happy. But paradise wasn’t meant to last…