The Island

The secrets of the Protogenoi family are not freely given. They must be earnt. Do you have what it takes to pass the Turing test?

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Many years have passed since the Usurping of The Three. The unjust peace that followed their imprisonment stands on the edge of a knife, balanced only by the threat posed by Erebus, Aether and Pontus for those who dare to oppose their rule.

Erebus and Aether rule from the Palace, whilst Pontus has returned to his home in the North. What started as a joint rule between Erebus and Pontus, quickly shifted to a single ruler: Erebus. The transition was slow, and subtle. But as with all creeping normalities, it is often noticed too late.

As we have all learnt at some point, those who lead are not always fit to lead, and it was becoming clear that Erebus was such a case. After the usurping, Celestia fell further and further from the paradise it once was. Gaia, not yet accepting the loss of her husband, pleaded with her children to free Chaos and his brothers so that Celestia can once again return to its former glory.

“Chaos is gone, Mother,” said Erebus to Gaia, an arrogant smirk painted across his face, “it is I who sits upon the throne now and forever more. In truth, the throne has always been mine, even whilst Father occupied it. He was merely filling the void until it was my time to wear the crown. I was destined to rule.”

“Beloved son, Celestia is failing around us. Please, I implore you to stop this madness and free The Three,” pleased Gaia.

The smirk on Erebus’s face shifted into the absolute face of death. His eyes, fixed on his mother, were wide and crazed. “I have been patient with you, mother. I have allowed you to mourn. I have allowed you to plead. No more. Your begging has become insolent and I will permit it no longer. If you dare to question my rule again, you will join The Three in their imprisonment.” As he spoke, the Palace became darker and darker until it felt like all warmth and joy was gone, forever. Speechless and sobbing, Gaia nodded. She understood the hopelessness of the situation.

[In the North]

Pontus paced back and forth, furious at Erebus for his betrayal. His father had lived his whole life in his brother's shadow. Pontus deserved better, he needed better, and yet his fate was the same, to rule under another.

No. Pontus refused to accept this. What made Erebus the TRUE ruler? Nothing. “Why should he get the Palace and not me?” thought Pontus. 

Then, an idea came to him. The Palace. Chaos had ruled, sitting on the Palace throne, and now Erebus has followed in his fathers footsteps. 

“I’ll show them,” Pontus said aloud to himself. “I’ll build a Palace so great people will have no choice but to accept me as the true ruler!”

Suddenly, the sky darkened. No. It was as if the very universe itself was darkening. The light that existed there was gone. Nothing remained but blackness.

“Hello, cousin,” whispered a voice from the darkness. Pontus, turned, trying to find where the voice was coming from.

“What was that about you being the true ruler?” the voice said.

“Damn you Erebus,” cried Pontus, “you cheated me and banished me. Did you think I was going to do nothing?!”

“Honestly, I never really put much thought into it. Like your father, you were made to be subservient. You were never meant to rule. It was only you who failed to see that.” sneered Erebus.

“I won’t have you steal the throne from my brother, Pontus.” said another voice.

“Of course, scared to face me alone were you, Erebus?” jeered Pontus, “Had to bring your sister along to fight your battle with you?”

“I’m perfectly happy to best you by myself. But to imprison you… well, for that I do need a bit of help,” said Erebus coldly. “So… what will it be? Subservience, or imprisonment… decide. Now.”