The Next Generation

The secrets of the Protogenoi family are not freely given. They must be earnt. Do you have what it takes to pass the Turing test?

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In the North, Pontus and his father Ouranos are hunting for their dinner. As they roam the land, searching for prey, they spot their dinner in a clearing up ahead. They crouch down. Ouranos draws his bow and takes aim. He breathes in. Exhales. As he does so, he releases the draw and the arrow is sent flying right into the heart of the beast. A perfect kill.

As they prepare the beast to take home, the silence between them is broken. “That damned Chaos, gloating in his Palace. I’m sick to death of his unjust rule. It should be I atop the throne, not him. It belongs to me!” rasped Ouranos through gritted teeth. “Did you ever try to take the throne from him, Father?” asked Pontus. “Of course I tried. But with Gaia always by his side and that damned Tartarus always stopping any conflict between us it’s just been impossible,” replied Ouranos. Pontus, not looking up to catch his father’s eye, let go a slight smirk. A plan was forming in his mind.

[Meanwhile, in the south]

The boys, Phanes and Erebus were fighting as Aether watched on. Straining against the force of the other, they were shifting their weight back and forth, goading each other, waiting for the right time to strike.

The Protogenoi loved to fight. It was in their blood and their newly created physical forms allowed them to engage in wrestling bouts, the aim of which was to submit the opponent. The brothers had been taught the art of wrestling by their Father, Chaos, and they were both exceptionally good at it. Whilst he was younger, and weaker, Phanes had the speed and intellect that Erebus lacked. Though, this time, it wasn’t enough. Spotting an opening, Erebus pounced, catching Phanes unaware and wrapping his arms around him from the back. He then threw him over his shoulder, slamming his head and shoulders into the ground. Using the moment of pain and confusion, Erebus swiftly spun around and pulled Phanes into a choke hold. Phanes, dazed and in pain, had no option but to yield. Erebus was the victor.

As the brothers rolled away from each other, Aether applauded her twin’s victory from where she was sitting. “Another one, little brother?” asked Erebus with a smirk on his face. “I’m not sure my body could take another,” laughed Phanes. “I think I’ll call it a day here”.

The brothers sat in silence for a while, cooling themselves with fresh water. Erebus broke the silence, “Hey, little brother. How do you feel about our father’s rule?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, do you ever grow tired of taking commands? Of being subservient to our father, and his brothers?”

“I’ve never really thought about it… We live in a paradise of our own creation after all! Why would we want that to change? We can hunt, wrestle and relax whenever we want, in the most beautiful world the universe has ever seen. I don’t see why I’d want anything else!"

“Yes, yes… of course. I agree. Paradise. Yes. Why would we ever want it to change…”

Unknown to Phanes, Erebus and Aether shared a look. With that look, a decision was made. Change was coming, whether Phanes liked it or not, and he would have to make a decision then as to where his allegiances lie.