The Usurping

The secrets of the Protogenoi family are not freely given. They must be earnt. Do you have what it takes to pass the Turing test?

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On rare occasions, the Protogenois all gather at the Palace of Celestia to celebrate together the paradise they’ve created. Chaos, the ruler of Celestia, delights in the banquets and celebration of Celestia, and of his rule.

As the Protogenoi gathering neared, a meeting took place. Erebus, Aether and Pontus met in the islands to the West. Here, away from the mainland, they knew they could have a conversation without fear of being overheard by their omnificent parents.

Aether and Pontus were sitting, whilst Erebus paced in front of them. Erebus turned to face them and said, “they’ve grown weak and lazy. They’re no longer fit to rule. It should be us who rule Celestia. Together, we can take this magnificent planet of ours to heights never seen before!”

I couldn’t agree more, cousin. The Three have had their time and your father must be dethroned. But, there can be only one ruler…” questioned Pontus.

“Pontus, my dearest cousin. We can rule together! Combined, our authority will be unarguable. We will be the greatest rulers the universe has ever seen!”

“Rule together? You and I?” asked Pontus. “Yes. Yes… I think that works for me. We shall rule on high as a pair!”

Pontus stood up and embraced his cousin. Aether, still seated, asked “I’ve never cared for power, so I’ll leave the ruling to you boys. But taking down The Three won’t be easy. Do you have a plan?”

“Sister, sister, sister… Who do you take me for?” teased Erebus, “Of course I have a plan. It’s really very simple. All we need to do is…”

[Later, at the gathering]

The twelve Protogenoi were gathered in the main hall of the Palace of Celestia. A bountiful banquet lay before them with more delicious wines and delectable food than can be imagined by mortals. Chaos, positioned at the head of the table, stood up and called for silence.

Addressing his family, Chaos said “It is so great to have you, my family, gathered here before me in my home, the Palace of Celestia. Today, we celebrate our greatness and the paradise of our creation that is Celestia. I ask you now to join me in a toast. Raise your glasses with me as we toast to the future!”

Around the table, everyone raised their glasses to join Chaos in the toast. Except for Erebus, who stood up and turned to face his father. “Before we toast, I have a few words to say to honor you, my father and the ruler of Celestia.” interrupted Erebus. Chaos, initially confused by his sons interruption, nodded his head allowing Erebus to continue.

“When I was a boy, I marveled at your power. You were my hero. You were perfect and your rule was absolute.” began Erebus. Chaos sat up a little taller and puffing his chest out he looked around the room to make sure everyone was in agreement with his son. “It was only as I grew into adulthood, I realized the truth,” continued Erebus.

“As time passed, I started to see the real you. Your imperfections came to light. What I previously saw as a relaxed, confident ruler was revealed to be a lazy and arrogant old man clinging to a rule that no longer deserved to be his.”

“Now see here you insolent child,” roared Chaos. But, he was quickly silenced. Pontus stood up and using his powers over the sea and all things water he pulled the water from the fountain at the other end of the hall and wrapped Chaos in a shifting sphere of water. Chaos was trapped.

“That’s my boy,” cried Ouranos. “With Chaos out of the way I can finally rule!”

“Ohh father,” said Pontus softly, “Don’t you realize you too are far too weak to rule?” Confusion swept across Ouranos’ face before he too was swept into the sphere. Pontus’ face changed from an arrogant smirk to a scowl and he began to sweat. “I can’t hold them much longer” Pontus told Erebus.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” bellowed Tartarus. “Be quiet, old man,” sneered Erebus, “I have no problem with you, but your power is undeniable. You’re a threat I can’t afford to have, and because of that, you’ll join your brothers in their imprisonment.”

At this point, Aether arrived at her brother's side. Together, using their powers of darkness and light they created a swirling orb of shadows. Tartarus runs at the Twins, preparing for an attack, but they’re too quick for him. They call out and the orb flies at Tartarus and before he has a chance to dodge it… he is gone. Enveloped by the orb of shadows, Tartarus could no longer be seen and his presence no longer felt. Next, the twins turned to the sphere and directed the orb at it. Slowly, it engulfed the sphere, and with it, Chaos and Ouranos.

Just like that, The Three had been defeated.